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“Genuine Love” has existed in voice memo format for years. The original idea for it was sent via text by Galis’ long time friend and collaborator Adam Cook. He sent it saying, “I feel like this could work really well for a Gen Leath song.”

And then it sat for years as an .mp4 file buried among the dozens and dozens of demos and half-baked voice memos on Galis’ iTunes library.

When putting together songs for Genuine Pleasure EP, Galis dug up Adam’s original demo and mapped out some lo-fi Casio drums along to it: and things started to click.

With the main vocal line and hook all but completed, Galis went to work on production and arrangements, turning a 20 second voice memo into

  • Length: 03:07
  • Part of: Genuine Pleasure EP
  • Written, recorded by: Chris Galis, Adam Cook
  • Produced by: Chris Galis
  • All instruments, except drums by: Chris Galis
  • Additional drums by: Cullen Faulk
  • Lyrics: Chris Galis, Adam Cook
  • Mastered by: Justin Douglas @ King Electric Studios
  • Release date: August 25, 2023

Mood: upbeat, romantic, jittering

Genre: rock, indie rock, lo-fi rock

FFO: Young Guv, Djo, Kid bloom, Dayglow, Part Time, Toro y Moi

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“Genuine Love” Lyrics

I know what you’re gonna say
She like the only thing I ever talk about
Try to find the right phrase
But just like everything's a curious sound
I know she talks a big game
Said she don’t know how it feels to be
I know when a things right, yeah
She’s like the only one I ever want around
Tell me is it real?
Cause you’re like the only one I ever wanna know
Tell me what to feel
My one regret
The only one I ever let… go
Genuine Love

Baby talk a big game
That she don’t belong to anyone now
Play my cards the right way
Maybe I can break the barriers down
But later on in the night
I was still watching from
the outside
I didn’t really wanna say, but
She’s like the only one I ever want around

Tell me is it real?
How can you really tell, only one I ever let go
Tell me what to feel
You’re not that innocent
Picking ones who only come back
Genuine Love

You’re not so innocent
You’re not so innocent, the
You’re not so innocent the only
You’re not so innocent the only thing that’s genuine now…

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“With “Promises”, Chris Galis has crafted a 3-minute dance-pop gem that is guaranteed to get bodies moving. The song highlights Galis’ ability to write captivating and catchy hooks. “Promises” draws inspiration from a range of musical styles, including the classic sounds of Wilco and Tears for Fears, as well as the modern, synth-driven soundscapes of Tame Impala.”Each Measure

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Why you might be interested in this project

I’ve been writing and recording music under the Genuine Leather name for 10 years, mostly using it as a DIY/lo-fi outlet for my songwriting. Over the last two years, I’ve decided to take a step up in songwriting, production, and approach because I want to reach a wider audience, get my music heard by more people, and share it with folks like you! 

Since I’ve started promoting this EP, we’ve started gaining some decent traction. In the last month, we’ve gained thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify, received positive press for the three previous singles, and have had some decent organic playlist placements. 

We are wrapping up the release of a run of singles this year, leading up to the release of the full EP on September 29th. You can learn more about our upcoming EP by viewing our EPK for band bio, previous releases, photos, previous press, social links and more.

If you’re interested in covering “Genuine Love” or any future releases, let me know. I’ll be sure to keep you informed!