“Found a Face” Remix is Available for Streaming – May 6, 2022

Remixed and remastered this track which was the first song off of the old album “Brunch”. Enjoy the lyric video and stream it on Spotify below.

Donnie & The Smokes EP is out! – Jan 2022

The idea was to reimagine a the trajectory of a UK-based group from late 80s post-punk/new wave all the way through the early 90s when they sold out their first American tour.

The music echoes the different stages in the bands career – from scrappy punk upstarts all the way to sellout arena band – in order.

Learn more about Donnie & the Smokes here.

Stream “So Many Ways”

It’s a stunning album, full of little innovative garage rock nuggets that chart the creative trajectory of the band.

– The Vinyl District // link

Coming at you like a freight train with the weight of eight years of travel is the golden-hued rock of Austin’s Genuine Leather.

– Impose Magazine // link

Texan Chris Galis and his ongoing project Genuine Leather are certainly in the lovers camp, and for good reason too. After three LPs, some EPs, and some singles, they have decided to try to collect their musical thoughts in a humbly named collection called 2011 -2019 Singles, Demos and Live. Frankly, nothing to be humble about here as vocal harmonies and guitar riffs, and nor should there be. Reminiscent of a number of huge power pop staples, Sloan being first in line, Genuine Leather musically does all the genre-lovers proud, because years of going at it have given them the chops to come up with some good sounds, something you can hear and feel right from “Feel It”, the opening track here.

– Spill Magazine (8/10) // link

Genuine Leather is a rock band hailing from Austin, TX that combines 70s and 80s influences of new wave, post punk, glam, and radio-friendly, guilty-pleasure rock into maximalist catchy guitar rock. This group is the culmination of over a decade of songwriting and home recording from lead singer/songwriter Chris Galis. With 2 full-length LPs, 2 EPs, several singles and an official retrospective cassette under their belt, they are currently working on a new EP’s worth of songs, and building up their live show.

“We’re in love with Genuine Leather”


“concise, snappy pop-rock that you could file next to your Elvis Costello and Cheap Trick LPs.”


“Few things are as breezy or easily enjoyable as a Genuine Leather song”