Genuine Pleasure EP

2023 – Full EP comes out this fall. For now, you can stream all available singles below.

So Many Ways (Single)

July 2021 – Part of the now-delayed “In Case of Emergency” EP. Also featured an animatronic lyric video.

Ol’ 55 (Tom Waits Cover)

June 2021 – Loved the Eagles version from “On the Border,” didn’t know it was a Tom Waits song, like that version too.

Low Heaven (Single)

March 2021 – Single that was intended to be a part of now defunct “In Case of Emergency” EP. Released two versions.

Somebody Like You (Single)

January 2021 – First single off of the now defunct “In Case of Emergency” EP.

Donnie & the Smokes EP

Jan 2022 – COVID lockdown project to try and make songs of a certain tone and fine tune recording/mixing/mastering at home.

Hot Child in the City (Cover)

September 2019 – Sung by guitarist Matt Bell.

Three Chord Song (Single)

August 2019 – a real rocker.

Genuine Leather 2011 – 2019: Singles, Demos, and Live

May 2019 – Released with the help of our friends at Spooky Syrup, this was a compilation record of some of the songs that haven’t been released. Released fresh new single, “My Life is in Your Hands” with this release.

Sweet Spot (Single)

August 2018 – Recorded and mixed at King Electric Studios.

This Town

August 2018 – Side B for the “Sweet Spot / This Town” single.