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“Tear It Down” is a song for the people who just want to burn it all down when things get tough. I’ve been in relationships in the past where we’re not seeing eye to eye and the other person is running away, scorched earth, trying to protect themselves from being hurt. The only place they’re safe is when they’ve got no attachments. It’s a thought process I 100% understand and I wanted to make something that talks about those times in a relationship where you’re not getting what you need or want, and you want to just be alone so you don’t have to deal with the pain any more.

In making “Tear It Down,” I started with arpeggiated lead synth part in the intro and added a bass line which I initially ran right direct through a distortion pedal. I tried to re-record the bass line 4 different times, but couldn’t get a better feel than I got on the demo version.

The synth is nice and airy, light, and the bass has this grit and growl to it that gave it a really nice sense of tension. For lyrics and melody, I had the chorus down first and then hammered out the verses. The hardest part to write was the bridge and it ended up being a guitar/bass doubled riff that initially felt out of place with the rest of the song, but I came around to appreciating the departure.

  • Length: 04:23
  • ISRC: QM6P42309374
  • Part of: Genuine Pleasure EP
  • Written, recorded, produced by: Chris Galis
  • All instruments, except drums by: Chris Galis
  • Additional drums by: Cullen Faulk
  • Lyrics: Chris Galis
  • Mastered by: Chris Galis
  • Release date: June 9, 2023

Mood: dark, upbeat, nostalgic

Genre: funky, dance, rock, synthwave

FFO: M83, Miami Horror, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Hippo Campus

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“Tear It Down” Lyrics

Acting kinda tough
Feeling wild and rough
Giving up only what you’re after
Lips and shaking hands
Never learned to dance
I just want everything I’m after and more
Is anybody gonna know?
Anybody gonna see?
I can’t say i want this feeling dead and gone
If you get the chance, do it all again
I can tell, that you’re about to figure it out
I’ve been here before 
I know you want to tear it down
But girl, if you keep this up
I could not stick around
Tear the mantle up and then
You break my world apart
Watch the flames go up and then
You’re back down to the start
You dont want anyone to know
Dont want anyone to see
I can see, there’s a bullet in your heart
If you get the chance, do it all again
I can tell exactly how this thing ends
I’ve been here before 
I know you want to tear it down
But girl, if you keep this up
I could not stick around
I’ve been here before
Coming back for more
Tear it down
To the ground

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Why you might be interested in this project

I’ve been writing and recording music under the Genuine Leather name for 10 years, mostly using it as a DIY/lo-fi outlet for my songwriting. Over the last two years, I’ve decided to take a step up in songwriting, production, and approach because I want to reach a wider audience, get my music heard by more people, and share it with folks like you! 

Since I’ve started promoting this EP, we’ve started gaining some decent traction. In the last month, we’ve gained nearly 5000 monthly listeners on Spotify, received positive press for the two previous singles, and have had some decent organic playlist placements. 

We are in the midst of releasing a run of singles this year, leading up to the release of the full EP this Fall. You can learn more about our upcoming EP by viewing our EPK for band bio, previous releases, photos, previous press, social links and more.

If you’re interested in covering “Tear It Down” or any future releases, let me know. I’ll be sure to keep you informed!